New 2014 Products Announced at DEMA Show
TUSA announces the release of several new products for 2014 at DEMA Show. Learn more about each of the products at the links below.

BC0101B Liberator Sigma ll
BC0501B Imprex Power Pro



M-1001 Freedom HD

SP-0101 Hyperdry Elite ll

DB0101 Imprex
DB0201 Imprex

TA-0801 Freedom Film

MDX-70D and MDX-RX100ll

D9 Breathable Suit

TUSA Showcases Groundbreaking Products at DEMA 2013
For 61 years, TUSA has been committed to improving the future of diving through innovation and quality. Demonstrating this continued commitment, TUSA will showcase new, groundbreaking products that maintain their dedication to unparalleled performance and comfort at the upcoming 2013 DEMA Show in Orlando, FL . These progressive products include buoyancy compensators, regulators, dive computers, masks, and snorkels.

The highly anticipated BC-0101 Liberator Sigma II buoyancy compensator will finally be unveiled. This heavy duty, wrap-around jacket style BC utilizes TUSA’s Advanced Weight Loading System and Ultimate Stabilizing Harness, which ensures security and stability. With its two large, double zippered pockets with mesh drainage, you can maximize utility and function.

Featuring the revolutionary BC-0501 Imprex Power Pro buoyancy compensator, this rear-inflate BC offers TUSA’s exclusive quick change, dual tank system, and TUSA’s first BC compatibility with twin tanks. Utilizing an aluminum back plate, the Imprex Power Pro will convert from a single tank mount to a twin tank configuration within minutes. The adjustable shoulder belt system grants the ability to fit M – XXL divers. Supporting twin tanks is not a problem for the 67 lb. lift capacity, doughnut bladder. Precise weight balance can be achieved by relocating the removable trim pockets.

Further expanding their hardware line-up, TUSA is presenting two new regulators: the RS-812 and RS-811. Both regulators feature a balanced piston first stage, offered in both yoke and DIN configurations. This compact, lightweight first stage delivers instant and consistent airflow by way of two H.P. and four L.P. ports. The RS-811 and S-11 safe-second feature the Advanced Flow System (A.F.S) and a venturi adjustment lever in a compact case design. The RS-812, with these same components, also offers an accommodating breathing resistance adjustment knob and universal swivel hose. Providing higher utility and greater variety, TUSA’s innovations did not stop there.

With the release of the IQ-1201 TALIS
,an advanced 2-gas watch computer, TUSA’s innovations continue to expand functionality. Highlights of the Talis include the new scroll back feature and the dual time display capability. Available in black or white, each unit also includes blue and pink side panel options which allows users to personalize their computer.

Once again Freedom Technology takes center stage, this time as the M1001 Freedom HD
mask. With an incredibly wide field of vision, this single lens mask boasts a 180° Rotational Buckle System which allows it to fit a variety of face sizes while maintaining a low profile.

The new SP-0101 Hyperdry Elite ll
snorkel combines all of the best features of TUSA’s snorkels into one. With a low-profile dry top and angled purge chamber, staying dry has never been easier.

Located at DEMA Booth #901, don’t miss the opportunity to be a part of this groundbreaking experience including many opportunities to win great prizes! Don’t forget to follow TUSA on Facebook, Twitter,and Instagram for hints on how to win.

TUSA New Product Announcement
TUSA announces the availability and release of exciting new products. Learn more about each of the products at the links below.

RB-10 Roller Bag
RCB-1 Regulator Carry Bag
DRYBAG-1 Dry Bag 

VIEW New Product Announcement
VIEW announces the availability and release of new Masters Racing goggle PIRANA and new Fitness goggle AQUARIO. Learn more about each of the products at the links below.

Masters Racing


New 2013 Products Announced at DEMA Show
TUSA announces the release of several new products for 2013 at DEMA Show Las Vegas, November 14-17.  Learn more about each of the products at the links below.

M-212 Ceos, M-212S Ceos PRO
M-41 Freedom Quad
New Colors - M-16 Serene

SP-240 Imprex II Hyperdry Elite
New Colors - SP-170 Platina II Hyperdry

SF-22 Solla
FF-23 Solla Full Foot

BCJ-8000C X-Wing


2013 Product Catalogs
All 2013 brand product catalogs are now available for online viewing here.

New M-111 Kleio II Mask
TUSA announces the release of a new mask, the M-111 Kleio II. The M-111 is a single window design with the latest mask technologies and features.  Available in seven colors, the Kleio II is ideal for divers with small to medium size faces and also for youth divers and snorkelers. 

Learn more about the M-111 Kleio II HERE

M-31 Visio Tri-Ex Voted Best by Popular Mechanics
TUSA's M-31 Visio Tri-Ex mask was voted "The Best Snorkeling Tech Gear" by Popular Mechanics.  Click the links below to read more!

M-31 Visio Tri-Ex "Best Snorkeling Tech Gear" 

TUSA Fins Win Tester's Choice 2012!
TUSA's best-selling SF-15 X-Pert Zoom Z-3 and FF-19 X-Pert Evolution Fins awarded Tester's Choice and Best Buy by SCUBA Diving Magazine.  Click the links below to read more!

SF-15 X-Pert Zoom Z-3 Fins Win Tester's Choice!
FF-19 X-Pert Evolution Fins Win Tester's Choice & Best Buy!

TUSA Releases New M-211 Freedom One Mask
TUSA announces the availability and release of their newest most advanced mask to date, the M-211 Freedom One.

Evaluation and feedback from key retailers and professionals establishes the Freedom One as a must have mask on the wall. View more at

TUSA Sport
We have launched our new TUSA Sport snorkeling website, view it here.

RS-680 Regulator Tested in Scuba Diving magazine
The RS-680 Regulator was recently tested in Scuba Diving magazine, view the full article here.