This warranty limits the duration of and supersedes all warranties implied, or that may be packaged with TABATA USA products, but otherwise is intended by TABATA USA to meet federal statutory minimum standards for full warranty under Federal Warranty Act, Public Law #93-637, dated January 4, 1975.

WARRANTY: TABATA USA warrants to the purchaser, consumer that the products TABATA USA manufacture or distribute are free from defects in materials or workmanship as outlined below:

1 YEAR WARRANTY: Boots, Gloves, Knives, Lenses, Bags, Analog Gauges, Scooter/DPV, Accessories, Flash Lights and Swimming Goggles

2 YEAR WARRANTY: Computers / Digital Instruments

3 YEAR WARRANTY: Masks, Fins and Snorkels

LIMITED LIFETIME: Regulators and BC Jackets (on air seams only)

RENTAL/COMMERICAL USE: Products used in a rental, for-hire or commercial purpose are covered for a period of 1 year (12 months) from date of purchase.

LIMITATIONS OF WARRANTY: This warranty does not cover finishes, nor does it cover damage resulting from accident, misuse, abuse, dirt, water, battery leakage, tampering, servicing performed or attempted by unauthorized service agencies or persons.

Instruments: Warranty does not cover gauge guards, rubber boots, HP hoses, o-rings, batteries, corrosion or chrome loss.

Regulators: Warranty does not cover LP hoses, swivel or hose o-rings, mouthpieces, cracks due to abuse, rubber deterioration from excessive exposure or lack of maintenance, chrome loss or corrosion.

Buoyancy Compensator Jackets: Warranty does not cover material abrasion, punctures, cuts, or de-lamination due to chlorine exposure.

Scooter/DPV: Warranty does not cover damage caused by abuse or battery leakage. Warranty for battery charger and battery is limited to 90 days from original date of purchase.

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