Use Bluetooth® SMART to pair with your smartphone.
4-mix gas support enables complete accelerated decompression.
A solar rechargeable computer!

IQ1204 DC Solar Link is a new addition to the DC-Solar Series -- a wrist-watch type computer equipped with a solar rechargeable function. The screen size is larger than any in the DC-Solar Series, making it easy to read the screen. Nitrox gas with four levels of switchable oxygen concentration underwater provides accelerated decompression in full scale. With our new Diving Log app, you can easily record dive log information after diving. Enjoy customizing your dive log by adding diving point location information, photos, and share them with social media.

The IQ1204 enables you to use Bluetooth® SMART to upload its log data to your smartphone. By downloading our dedicated app to your smartphone, you can automatically record entry time, exit time, dive time, maximum water depth, average water depth, water temperature, date, and other log data on your smartphone. You can also add diving point location information, signatures of your instructor and buddy, as well as a photo you have taken. This is a new feature for you to easily add information to log data after diving and enjoy your experience even more.

IQ1204 DC Solar New Features

  • ●Log data can now be uploaded to a smartphone using Bluetooth® SMART (our dedicated app is required)
  • ●4-mix gas support enables accelerated decompression (oxygen concentration ratio from 21% to 100%) in full scale.
  • ●Durable design using metal parts.
  • ●Solar rechargeable battery design eliminates the need to charge or replace battery.
  • ●Factory-sealed comes with 3 years of warranty for use while submerged in water.
  • ●TUSA's exclusive M value warning function is available aiding in the prevention of decompression sickness.
  • ●Convenient free diving mode for skin diving and free diving
  • ●Gauge mode can be used as a simple, diving depth gauge.
  • ●Depth interval alarm function gives you a warning sound at each preset water depth.

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Download Diving Log App (Free) to upload and share your dive logs with your friends.

Features of Diving Log

TUSA Diving LOG is a diving logbook app, which enables you to upload log data from TUSA IQ1204 DC Solar Link to your smartphone using Bluetooth® SMART. The TUSA Diving LOG App has many customizable functions to record the details of your dive. Information such as entry time, exit time, dive time, maximum water depth, average water depth, water temperature, air consumption, and much more can be recorded. Customize your dive log by recording dive point locations using maps, add photos, and capture signatures from an instructor. In addition, detailed water depth and warning information can be recorded at intervals, and uploaded to your app. Also you can easily export dive log information as images to share on Facebook, Twitter, or other social media. TUSA Diving LOG can be used independently of TUSA IQ1204 DC Solar link to record basic log information.

How to Use DC Solar Link

How to Use Diving Log App